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Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 1 The Tarantula TP New Ptg

New York: the late 1930s. Wesley Dodds, the masked man known as the Sandman, moves through a decadent, post-Depression world, where gangsters dance with debutantes at high-society balls as dark clouds gather over Europe and chilling figures wander the night.

The stage is set and the curtain rises on SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE. Like the classic film-noir detectives Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe, Wesley Dodds is a man of mystery.

In his signature trench coat and gas mask, he conveys a palpable air of menace, yet he is a haunted and obsessed man, driven by his disturbing dreams and an unrelenting sense of justice to stalk the shadowy trails of bizarre underworld criminals. In this critically acclaimed crime story written by Matt Wagner and illustrated by Guy Davis, the Sandman follows a twisted trail of abuse and betrayal into the web of the villain known only as THE TARANTULA.

This collection reprints SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE #1-4, written by DOCTOR MID-NITE's Matt Wagner with art by Guy Davis (BATMAN:..




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